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Crown Records Management is part of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Other divisions within the Group include Crown Relocations, Crown World Mobility, Crown Fine Art, Crown Workspace, Crown Logistics, and Crown Wine Cellars.

The Crown Worldwide Group has offices in over 50 countries; we are loyal to our local communities and the environment. Crown leads a sincere, open, and wide-ranging CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, supporting health, education, and welfare. In addition, we continually revise our efforts to improve the environmental performance of all our operations, recently boosted with the addition of our R-Tape product, a patented Tape Media data destruction and recycling/reuse service.


Tape Media
Crown satisfies all your Tape Media needs, whether New Tape, Recertified (R-Tape), or Tapes from an expansive Legacy stock and in all Brands and Formats. For those in the Distribution, Re-Seller, or End-User sectors, Crown gives you access to the most extensive Tape Media stock available.

Recertified: R-Tape by Crown
Through a unique patented data erasure and recycling process, Crown Recertified Tape Media (R-Tape) brings you premium quality tape at a fraction of the cost of new. In addition, every Crown R-Tape has a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty.

Real-Time Asset Tracking:
Our patented tape media recycling process includes a unique tape scanner that identifies whether the tape is new or used, and records the serial number, manufacturer, usage, and other information. This is integrated with our real-time asset tracking software, so our customers have a full tracking and reporting option in which each individual tape is tracked throughout the recycling process.


Vault Storage
Our secure vaults are our premium storage solution, ideally suited for Tape Media and critical documents like wills, deeds, certificates, and other backup computer media. All are stored in our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities, with 24/7 security and surveillance. However, our vaults go further than that, offering comprehensive, cutting-edge technology to keep important information secure and in good condition.

We understand that maintaining the integrity of data on removable storage media and guaranteeing the preservation of critical hard-copy documents provides peace of mind. That’s why our secure vaults feature some of the finest materials and advanced environmental systems;

• Four-hour fire protection.
• Temperature and humidity control maintaining vault environment to required levels specific to the required media type.
• VESDA smoke detection.

Vault with Crown and have your tape media securely stored, with the added benefit of an environmental option of secure data destruction and recycling of the tape media product.

eDiscovery – Data Restoration:
Crown offers eDiscovery, Data Restoration, Catalogue Ingestion, Cloud Migration, and Legacy System Retirement services, helping our clients to retire their legacy tape infrastructure, software licences, backup servers, and tape libraries but retain access to the data stored on the tapes stored in our vaults.

Tape labelling
Labelling is essential; all tapes entered into a tape library must have a unique external ID label containing a volume serial number and character ID. Crown offers a wide range of bespoke labelling and Pad-Printing services.

Pad printing: (Tampography)
Crown offers a Pad Printing Service for companies wishing to uniquely identify in-house tapes such as Secret, Top Secret, or Colour Coded identifiers or branding. The process utilizes a silicone ‘Pad’ to pick up a 2-D image (such as your logo) from a laser-engraved printing plate and transfers it to a 3-D object. The pad-printed stamp is irremovable.

Tape cases
We offer a range of durable and robust tape cases that protect and ensure the safe transport of your tapes.

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